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Thank you for your interest in an Alexander Systems security system. We understand that your security system represents the single largest investment you will make in ensuring that you have peace of mind at your business and we would love the opportunity to be your provider. Check out our commercial and small business security alarm specials below!

For our security systems, we use 2GIG and Honeywell security products that we are trained on and licensed to install. We use the largest wholesale alarm monitoring provider in the United States and as a result, are able to quickly and effectively dispatch response teams in the event of an alarm situation.

Check out the security alarm specials below! Let us be your total source for all of your small business security, cameras, access control, and fire alarm system needs. Call today and find out how you can relax in comfort and enjoy peace of mind with Alexander Systems Company!


Not sure that you armed your system?

Unlike outdated systems that only alert you in an alarm event, you will be fully connected to what’s happening at your property 24/7 while on the go. It’s easy to set your own reminders and alerts to notify you of any activity, whether your system is armed or not.

Business Security System Specials in Columbus, Ga

Alexander Systems doesn’t want you to live in fear, we want you to be able to embrace life and every part of it. You can do this by having our top-rated employees install a business security alarm system. 

There is a multitude of benefits to having a security alarm system in the Columbus, Ga, and Auburn area, including safety for you and your employees. The benefits of an alarm system start with peace of mind. You won’t have to worry about your commercial assets or employees when you are on vacation or away. An alarm system can deter crime away from your property because criminals will see that your place of business is safely protected. Having a business alarm system may even lower your property insurance.

Small Business Alarm Systems That FOCUS on Your Safety

We understand that safety is the number one priority in everyone’s lives. This is why at Alexander Systems we strive to provide you with the best safety features a security alarm system can give. Alexander Systems wants to allow you to feel at ease knowing your business is safe from the comfort of your own home. We can do this by installing a commercial alarm system at your small business today!

Alexander Systems not only can install your commercial security alarm system but can also check and make sure it is flawless in its running. Our mission is to allow you to live your life while we protect it from outside factors. Once your alarm is installed not only will you feel at ease because your business is protected, you can also use the system to set reminders. Allowing you to keep your life organized and in line.

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