Lightning Protection

The sole purpose of lightning protection is to help protect structures or valuables from lightning strikes and power surges. Lightning Protection systems also aid in preventing electrical surges for electronic equipment.

Lightning in the Columbus, Ga and Auburn area

Lightning has become a major problem in the Columbus, Georgia and Auburn area. Lightning accounts for more than one billion dollars annually in structural damage to buildings in the United States. Insurance companies are requiring more and more measures of safety for commercial buildings, schools, hospitals, institutions, historic landmarks, other public venues, and even homes, including the installation of lightning protection.

Insurers now require higher levels of safety for commercial buildings, schools, hospitals,institutions, historic landmarks, sports arenas and other public venues, including the installation of lightning protection systems.

Alexander Systems out of Columbus, Ga is here for YOU

Alexander Systems is your local United Laboratories (UL) Master Installer. We are your sole source for UL Lightning Protection installations in the Chattahoochee Valley area, including Opelika, AL. We design and install our own Lightning Protection systems in-house. No third party contractors when you hire Alexander Systems. We are trained and certified to design and install Lightning Protection systems per the UL96A Standard for Lightning Protection systems.

If your project requires a UL Master Label, no problem, we can provide the design and installation from the protection components to the electrical Surge Protection all in one Company. Check our certification, click here.

Here at Alexander Systems we want YOU to live at ease. When you take the step to have lightning protection installed you will feel a sense of relief in knowing that your structures and valuables are safely insured. Our staff is top-rated and will ensure that your lightning protection system is installed properly and safely. Our mission is to let you live your life while we take care of the small details.

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