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Are you nervous for the well-being of your possessions or worse, your family? A Security Camera System in Columbus, Ga or Auburn area may be a necessary addition for your home, your bussiness, and your well-being. 

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Alexander Systems Company specializes in the installation and service of Security Camera Systems. We have partnered with a wide variety of products to meet all of our customer’s needs and budgets. Don’t worry about it being out of your price range, our top priority is ensuring that YOU are safe, this is why we offer various systems, so we can fit every customer’s needs. Now servicing the Opelika, AL community! 

Security Camera System

In today’s marketplace, technology and information travel fast. Our camera systems are all capable of remote viewing from any computer with an internet connection and from your smartphone via a free application. This feature is very useful for alarm verification. When an alarm is received from your security system, you can access your camera system while you’re on the phone with the central station to verify if the alarm is genuine.

We offer both analog and IP style cameras for a variety of different applications. From cost effective cameras that provide a general picture for viewing to high definition images for megapixel images, we have you covered. 

Our Mission

We want YOU to live at ease. When you take the step to have a Security Camera System installed you will feel a sense of relief in knowing that your house has a careful watch on it. We pair with top installation companies and can ensure you that your Security Camera System will be safely and effectively installed. Our mission is to let you live your life while we take care of the small details.

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